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Three Reasons To Choose Our Ring Chime Pro

If you’ve ever been in another room in your home and failed to hear the sound of the doorbell ringing; missing the postman or a surprise visit, you can be sure that we have the system you need to help.

At Tecblu, we’re constantly helping individuals, companies and offices with their security needs. By purchasing a Ring Chime Pro from our team at Tecblu, you’ll be able to upgrade your security to extend your WI-FI signal and enable you to be alerted anywhere in your property.

Here’s three reasons to choose the Ring Video Doorbell Pro with Chime that we can provide for you at Tecblu:

  • HD Video With Two-Way Talking System: Along with the improved quality of picture, you’ll be able to benefit from speaking back and forth with visitors to your property with live feed. The capabilities make this an ideal accompaniment to your home.
  • Infrared Night Vision Mode: As soon as the system recognises the change in time of day, you can set it to automatically switch to night vision mode; allowing you to view even more and improve your home’s security at night.
  • Weather Resistant: You’ll benefit from the small design that will allow you to place it onto the outside of your home without the worry of it being affected by harsh weather conditions.

If you’d like to find out more about the Ring Chime Pro that we can deliver to you at Tecblu, make sure to get in contact with us.